Ice Nine Kills and their guitarist Justin “JD” deBlieck have just released a new track titled “Sunrise” under the moniker ‘Fallbrook.’ The track comes along with a new limited edition t-shirt to honor the band’s former bassist Shane Bisnett, who unexpectedly passed away in January. Fans can purchase the shirt here.

“Twelve years ago, I met one of my best friends,” deBlieck recalled. “He was kind, fun, unique, full of happiness, thoughtful, and by far the most talented person I’ve ever met. From the moment we were introduced in the spring of 2006 at Finger Lakes Community College, we were inseparable. We spent days and nights creating music and summers at our parents houses planning out our lives like kids in love with a dream.

“After some time apart, Shane sent me some songs he had been working on. One of which was called ‘Sunrise.’ I immediately drove to Potsdam, N.Y. and convinced Shane to pack up his belongings and move to Rochester with me, where we would soon find ourselves traveling the country together in Ice Nine Kills. This song is extra special to me because it’s a reminder of the raw talent and simplicity of Shane’s musical brilliance.

“Among the many songs he shared with me, I chose to recreate this one because he left me a way to include him at the end. Although a bit haunting, I feel at peace knowing that his voice can be heard one last time. He left us too soon, but with this song, he’ll have marked his stamp in history. R.I.P. Shane. We’ll miss you.”

Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas also commented on Bisnett’s death by saying, “I am so incredibly sad to hear that my old friend Shane Bisnett died on New Year’s Day. Shane was an immensely kind and talented musician who had such a powerful and beautiful tone to his voice. In addition to touring with Ice Nine Kills for years, Shane also wrote a ton of the great melodic elements of our Safe Is Just A Shadow album with me. I’ll always remember those cold Rochester, NY nights in 2009 working on songs with him and searching for that ‘perfect chorus’ together. Shane was built like a tough-looking dude, but as soon as you engaged with him, you realized what a lovable and gentle soul he was….and that smile! He was the kind of dude that would always have your back, no matter what.”

Listen to the new song below.