The Dirty Nil is a loud, distorted, rock and roll band straight out of Canada. According to their own Facebook, they “play like it’s a fever they’re trying to sweat out,” which is both an accurate description of their music and an attack on my childhood from trying to sweat out fevers. While that little home remedy didn’t work, it works for their music.

The Dirty nil plays with distorted guitars, pounding drums, and fiercely aggressive vocals that is both punk and pure rock and roll in nature. The band’s latest album, Master Volume, was released back in 2018 via Dine Alone Records, and quickly received critically acclaim. The record was produced by Seattle-grunge veteran John Goodmanson, and added to their impressive and quickly growing resume of hard hitting, anthemic rock songs.

Recorded after a schedule that included 350+ shows in three years and saw them share stages with the likes of The Who, Against Me!, The Menzingers, and more, The Dirty Nil set out to make Master Volume an album that would transfer live to bigger crowds, while keeping their own brand of rock still in tact.

That brings us to today, in which we are teaming up with The Dirty Nil to debut their brand new music video, “Pain of Infinity.” The video, directed by Mitch Barnes and Victor Malang, shows the band acting as reapers that are very, very bad at their job of collecting souls. In fact, the band does pretty much everything else (including a performance of the song throughout the video) besides collecting souls, despite being given plenty of opportunities. Expanding on the video, frontman Luke Bentham shares “I genuinely thought the police would be called as we rampaged through our town that day. Smoking cars, trespassing and general mischief are all bound to raise the attention of the police. But hey, is it really a music video if there’s no threat of law enforcement?”

As part of the promotional aspect for the video, The Dirty Nil launched a Facebook chat friend, Ricky the Reaper, for fans interact with to different outcomes. “I’d also like to add we’ve got a new Reaper bud named Ricky (@rickythereaper666 on Facebook). See what he can do for you,” Bentham shares.

In Ricky’s own words, he is “the lord of the Nillionaires, looking to regale you with the monotony of my daily life while also rewarding my loyal subjects with treasures for completing quests in honour of The Dirty Nil. Hit me up on Facebook Messenger!”

Additionally, you can find all of the band’s upcoming tour dates below, including international, festival, and some headlining U.S shows as well.

Tour dates:

Feb 15 – London, UK @ Moth Club
Feb 20 – Munich, Germany @ Strom
Feb 21 – Stuttgart, Germany @ Goldmarks
Feb 22 – Weinheim, Germany @ Cafe Central
Feb 23 – Cologne, Germany @ Luxor
Feb 24 – Hannover, Germany @ Lux
Feb 26 – Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash
Feb 27 – Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden
Feb 28 – Leipzig, Germany @ Naumanns
March 1 – Wiesbaden, Germany @ Kesselhaus
March 13-15 – Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 16 – New Orleans, LA @ Santos
March 18 – St Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill Duck Room (rescheduled from Feb 6)
March 19 – Cincinnati, OH @ Top Cats (rescheduled from Feb 5)
May 5 – Jacksonville, FL @ Welcome to Rockville
May 10 – Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix
May 12 – Charlotte, NC @ Epicentre
May 26 – Dallas, TX @ BFD 2019