British indie-punk band Martha have announced a release date for their brand new album, ‘Love Keeps Kicking’. Due April 5th via Dirtnap Records/Big Scary Monsters, the third full-length from the much loved quartet is a celebration in the face of heartache, told through 11 riotous anthems.

Having introduced fans to their new music with the riotous ‘Heart Is Healing’ late last year, today Martha have shared the album’s incredible title track ‘Love Keeps Kicking’, along with a funny music video that pays homage to 50s alien invasion movies. “We wanted to do an old sci-fi alien invasion pastiche and create a threat that no one can outrun, because as the song implies, at some point or another, we all feel the harsh sting of heartbreak,” said co-directors Ben Epstein and David Combs. “And what better metaphor is there for the inevitability of a broken heart than the swift kick of a giant disembodied foot? It basically wrote itself.” Love keeps kicking, quite literally, as it comes in the form of a giant foot in the video below.

‘Love Keeps Kicking’ is a breakup record, according to the band, with each song symbolizing different parts of the process.

Martha will consummate the release of Love Keeps Kicking with an extensive European tour, kicking off at Madrid’s Popfest on 22nd March, and will snake through to the UK, where they’ll close out with a date at Glasgow’s Mono on May 3rd. Tickets for for all shows are available here.

Love Keeps Kicking is out 4/5 via Dirtnap Records/Big Scary Monsters. You can pre-order the album here or here.

Love Keeps Kicking Tracklist:
1. Heart Is Healing
2. Sight For Sore Eyes
3. Into This
4. Wrestlemania VIII
5. Mini Was A Preteen Arsonist
6. Love Keeps Kicking
7. Brutalism By The River (Arrythmia)
8. Orange Juice
9. The Void
10. Lucy Shone A Light On You
11. The Only Letter That You Kept