Houston, Texas’ Jonah the Runner formed in 2015 and have since began crafting their own engrossing blend of indie and alternative, piecing together their intricate, technical guitar work with resonating vocals, and driven by instrumentals that have slight post-rock undertones.

Jonah the Runner released their debut EP, Distances, back in 2016 and offered a dexterous and promising, if somewhat disparate insight into the band’s range. The band has already begun gong down the path of breaking out, having previously performed with bands/artists like The Dangerous Summer, Kurt Travis, and Fossil Youth.

The band is finally getting ready to follow-up Distances, as Jonah the Runner will be releasing their new EP Cardinal Park, later this year. Cardinal Park finds the band venture into a more ambitious, multi-layered sound along the post-rock trajectory; a maturity in execution that would impress many of the band’s more experienced contemporaries.

What better way to dive into Jonah the Runner and Cardinal Park than listening to the title-track off their newest EP? Luckily, just a few weeks ahead of the release, we have the title-track for you to check out.

“The video for our title track ‘Cardinal Park’ represents our live aesthetic in the best way. We combined elements of our live performances with the brilliance of our videographer Xavier Morales, to make the best music video we could,” explains Jonah the Runner’s Ean Tillett.

Cardinal Park will be released by the band on November 30th. You can keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as they continue to tour and promote the new release.

Jonah runner card park

  1. Valigura
  2. Cardinal Park
  3. Fake
  4. Shrine
  5. Irreversible
  6. Little Fox