Sometimes the smallest moments can have the biggest impact when we reflect back on them. A chance encounter can introduce us to a lifelong friend, or one email can change the course of our careers. We do tend to remember the big dramatic moments the most, but it’s worth it to think about the small moments that might have been even more important. Canadian artist Emily Rowed has been reflecting recently, and her reflection has resulted in two new songs, “Pinball” and “Hey Love.” We’re excited to premiere both tracks for you this afternoon.

“Pinball” is the first track of this narrative, and immediately showcases Rowed’s ability to transport us into her story. There are so many vivid details of this story of how Rowed “fell in love over pinball,” that makes listeners feel like they were there. Details of the surroundings, of her feelings at the time, and of the pinball itself give us a complete view of this tiny, but hugely significant moment in her life. The music itself is soft and serene, a stunning mixture of synths and chimes.

“Hey Love” follows directly from “Pinball,” and deals more with the feelings that were born from that moment. “Hey Love” is even softer than “Pinball,” a gentle affirmation from Rowed that no matter what happens or what hardships crop up, her feelings won’t fade. There are some neat echoing effects applied to her vocals that give “Hey Love” a fantastic sense of atmosphere. While it is quiet, there’s an intensity in Rowed’s emotions that could melt even the hardest hearts as they listen.

Both of the tracks were very personal for Rowed. She recalls “[Producer] La+ch and I wrote Pinball in a small apartment studio on the second day we knew each other. I thought it was a fluke that we wrote 2 songs in 2 days but I went back to write for 3 weeks and now we have an album. I credit him for that, he’s a magic robot. Every line is true – we had our first date in Portland, Oregon, we played pinball at the Ground Kontrol Arcade and I feel like I’ve been dreaming since. That was 2 years ago.”

Take a journey with Emily Rowed, and listen to “Pinball” and “Hey Love” below.

Pinball Cover Emily Rowed

Hey Love Cover Emily Rowed