David Thomas Jones is a talented musician that has been all over the place. A quick look at his Facebook “about me” section and you see the various list of musical projects he has been a part of: Scan Hopper, Watch Out for Rockets, and Murdocks just to name a few, in addition to his own solo career.

David Thomas Jones last solo album, however, came out back in 2012. And though it garnered positive reviews and even had songs featured in MTV’s Catfish and IFC’s Maron, he hasn’t done more solo material since. During the time away from solo music, he wrote music and acted in the critically acclaimed film Mr. Roosevelt, which starred SNL alum Noel Wells. For the film, he was involved in the fictitious band from the film, The Leeks, which was a collaboration between him and Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World), and is on the official soundtrack. In addition, he performed with Wells’ own band, The Marys.

Now, he is back and ready to get back to creating solo material. David Thomas Jones will be releasing his new album, Occult Years, on November 13th. So today, we are teaming up with him o be premiering his new single off the record, called “In Springtime.”

“This song was recorded very quickly as kind of a joke (you can hear laughing in the background. Me and the producer were doing impromptu backing vocals and we basically just entertaining ourselves). He was setting up some drum mics for another song we were going to do that day. I was randomly playing the guitar part to what turned into this song.  He started singing in falsetto. We thought it was funny in the moment and laid it down,” explains David Thomas Jones.

At the top of the post, you will find our stream of the song — as well as it’s accompanying music video. The music video — created by Fall Hard Films; written and shot by Jake Bayless and directed by Christopher Owings — shows a young couple spending time, getting to know one another, all for what appears to be an angry father figure run in and separate the two. No spoilers will be given, instead you’ll have to watch for yourself.