For a lot of us, social interaction is hard. Talking to people doesn’t always come easily, and confusion is bound to happen. These interactions become even more complex when feelings start to get involved. There’s that murky area right when two people realize that there might be something going on at a deeper level. Unfortunately there’s no road map for this situation, and you often have to just dive in and see what happens. If you can relate to this, pop singer LeyeT‘s (pronounced “Light”) new single “Let Me Know” is the song for you. You’re not going to find a better piece of pop music today, and we’re stoked to premiere “Let Me Know” here on Substream this morning.

“Let Me Know” starts off with the hook, and this is absolutely a fantastic choice. I love this hook with my entire heart. It’s wavy and beautiful, the minimal percussion giving the bouncing and breezy instrumental something to build on top off. LeyeT has a voice that’s both gentle but piercing at the same time, and when the harmonies and her backing vocals kick in it is nothing short of the perfect pop sound. Each instance of the hook adds new layers and sounds to enjoy, and the last go-around is a triumphant and magical experience. LeyeT also perfectly captures that mix of excitement and frustration of trying to sort through a budding relationship in the lyrics, with verses that will transport you to specific memories like all great songs tend to do.

Asked about the concept behind the track, LeyeT says “Are we friends or is it more? Are these feelings mutual or just in my head? Am I just nervous to blur a line that may or may not even exist? The emotions attached to ‘Let Me Know’ stem from two people cautiously coming to terms with an undeniable chemistry and the confusion and hesitation that follows once the realization is unquestionable. I say ‘You better let me know…’ making it clear that the time has come to make a move, before the feelings fade, as feelings often do, and I move on. There are always complications when two people with individual and separate lives try to ‘get on the same page,’ so the song reflects the moment when I reached my moment of going ‘all in.'”

You can listen to “Let Me Know’ now. If you love pop music or just want to work out some feelings, I highly recommend you do so.