Life in your twenties is a series of weird intersections that you find yourself stuck at for a little too long before knowing what move to make. It’s a point in your life where everything is completely terrifying; you’re being thrown into the real world and trying to figure out how to adjust and find yourself second-guessing even the smallest decisions. You long for the care-free days of teenage abandon but also fear the idea of remaining stagnant; you crave youth but need progress. It’s a feeling that’s hard to capture — a moment in time that feels exciting, terrifying, and anxiety-inducing all at once, and it’s that jumbled pile of emotion that Collington was able to capture with his brilliant new song, “Here We Go.”

You can hear it throughout the songs melancholic balladry, but never more-so than when Collington’s gravelly voice feels like it’s about to cave into the weight of what he’s feeling as he croons, “How do I go forward if I can’t move/How do we go forward when they want us to lose.” Interestingly, “Here We Go” is a song that Collington had every intention of re-writing once he started to flesh out some demos. He just wrote some words down to give the song a little bit of life and when he finally sat down to rework it, realized that he really had something.

It’s the songs that write themselves that often feel the most genuine. There’s something special about the kind of storytelling that comes from a moment that lacks any kind of inhibition — it’s the thoughts and details that have been dying to get out that have finally found their way to paper that makes the shared experience feel like a tangible moment of release that listeners can cling to. That’s how “Here We Go” came about, according to Collington. Reflecting on the songwriting process for the track, he says: “‘Here We Go’ was one of the songs that I wrote later on when compiling demos. The song came together quickly. I originally had the verses and the chorus. Moments later, when I added the pre-chorus, I knew I had a song that was special. The lyrics were quickly adlibbed to mock up a melody. The whole time when writing the song I intended to replace the lyrics down the road. However, when I returned to the piece, I found that the words were from I deeper place than I had initially realized.”

The music video for “Here We Go” can be seen above. You can add the track to your daily rotation by clicking here.