NEW LANGUAGE is a band that has made a name for themselves, despite only being around since 2016. In a way, it always seemed like they were going to make a name for themselves.

Formed in Los Angeles, NEW LANGUAGE made their live debut supporting Gone Is Gone (featuring members of Mastodon, At the Drive-In, and Queens of the Stone Age) in their hometown. The band immediately followed up this performance with a supporting slot on The Used’s nationwide 15th-anniversary tour.

In addition to their touring success,NEW LANGUAGE has been featured on Alternative Press, SiriusXM’s Octane, and even Australia’s TripleJ radio.

Coming off of their 2017 release, Everybody Screams, the band is ready to follow-up their past success with something new in 2018. Substream is excited to be helping along the way, kicking things off by premiering a new single from the band called “Give In.” Talking about the new song, NEW LANGUAGE’s vocalist/guitarist stated that “‘Give In’ is about recognizing the volume of junk being shoved in our faces at all times in order to keep us distracted from what is important.”

The video for “Give In,” which can be found at the top of this post, is simple yet effective. You watch as the band performs passionately in a tight, hazy room, with flickering lights setting the mood. As the track combats the lyrical themes of wading through all of the “junk” around you to find what matters, the video showcases how dark it can really feel.

If you’re looking for a band that sounds like early-Thrice meets Norma Jean, then NEW LANGUAGE is the band for you. If you like what you hear from “Give In,
not only can you check out 2017’s Everybody Screams, but they have two shows coming up in California and may have more on the way coming up this year.

05.04.18 – Programme Skate Shop – Fullerton, CA (w/ Will Haven)
05.06.18 – The Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA (w/ Will Haven)