I would never have imagined my time at Substream would reference my brief existence on MySpace as often as it does, but here we are. Something that I miss about that era of rock music was the way that bands weren’t afraid to soar on the highs of their insanely memorable hooks while still keeping the verses weird and experimental enough that people didn’t feel like they were listening to a straight-up pop song. You saw it with bands like Framing Hanley and Madina Lake — two bands with enough lyrical prowess and vocal chops to rise from obscurity (even briefly) and it looks like that trend is to continue on with the help of the genre’s newest dynamic duo, Capital North.

The group is gearing up to release their incredible Sea To Sky EP on March 2, and it’s chock full of blistering verses that give way to the most powerfully cathartic hooks. Songs like “Broken Vessel” and “Glass Houses” see their vocal abilities pushed to unthinkable limits — “Glass Houses” sees a voice pushed nearly to its breaking point before collapsing back into something more subdued to close out the track. It’s a powerful and breathtaking release that you won’t be able to tear yourself away from.

When asked about the record, Capital North said: “We are absolutely ecstatic to finally release our debut EP, Sea To Sky. This album marks a rebirth and transformation in the long-standing career of our previous project, Lights In The Sky, which has re-emerged as Capital North. The album centers around the concept of a lifecycle, and the struggles between birth and death that we all go through yet seem to ignore. Much love to everyone for sticking by our side through this rebrand and to the new family who have already shown so much love to us already – we cannot wait to share Sea To Sky with you and see you all on the road very soon!”

You can stream Sea To Sky in full below.

Sea To Sky is out March 2nd.