Blake Brown and the American Dust Choir is a band made up of the kind of kids that grew up romanticizing long drives down dirt roads and long, empty stretches of the American highway. There’s a profound sense of pride in their southern-tinged brand of Americana that is innately charming; it’s a warm Summer’s day even in the middle of a brisk and biting Winter that won’t seem to surrender. They’re new album Long Way Home was released on March 9th and is chock full of the kind of sincere and to the heart songwriting that bands like this one are built upon.

The beautifully directed music video for “Up In Arms” spends its runtime in the style of double exposure; a style that is as captivating as it is necessary for the story being told in these four minutes. This style is visually indicative of a duality that exists in the video’s two protagonists; they are human and they are the memories they share. It’s a long stretch of open road that will always connect them and a melody that they can’t escape, as demonstrated by the lyric “Let’s take the long way home/Sing my every song you know.”

When asked about the track, Blake said: “‘Up In Arms’ is rooted in a deep sense of desperation and anxiety. It’s about the desire for change when you don’t necessarily know, or understand why. Trying to break out of feeling trapped in day-to-day existence where the minutes and days all run into each other, all the while searching for some kind of answers. ‘I had it but I lost it. I found it and I caught it. Our dreams have all been burnin’ like the liars and their burdens.'”

He continues, “On the flip side, there’s a hint of hope somewhere in there, and it comes in the chorus “Let’s take the long way home. Sing me every song you know.” Trying to find the light and hope in darkness is something I strive to recognize. It’s the little things that put it all in perspective. Those are the moments that seem to offer the most insight to me.”

The music video for “Up In Arms” can be seen above. Their new album Long Way Home is out now and can be purchased here.