If you don’t know who Patent Pending are, get to know them. The New York natives are pop punk in it’s purest form, think Bowling For Soup but with a lot more pizzaz. Though some of their lyrics can be a little ridiculous, their boisterous personalities displayed on stage make it really hard not to love them. Hyping up a crowd is what they do so impeccably, vocalist Joe Ragosta interacts with everyone throughout their set, making you feel as though you’re part of the show. This is followed with a number of high jumps, that it seems the band are trying to touch the ceiling. It’s infectious, as one look at the crowd will show the bobbing heads of the masses getting off their feet along with the band. It’s fun, Patent Pending should be commended on that and perhaps more bands could look to them on ‘How to perform a stellar live show’ because these guys have got it down.

The Entertainment tour is aptly named after Waterparks’ brand new album. Unexpectedly, the band brought their new material to a live setting within the UK before touring it on the US circuit. It’s rare that this happens but welcomed by fans across the country who delighted in hearing debuts of new tracks for the first time on stage. “Sleep Alone” and “We Need To Talk” are set highlights, the latter coming with an improvised intro from an older song “Easter Egg.” What you’ll find with a lot of Waterparks’ new tracks is that they have a lot more electronic elements and sampling, these become a little washed out with the volume of the guitar and percussion but the overall sound becomes a little more raw and guttural which breathes new life into the tracks.

Vocalist Awsten Knight is a top frontman, with huge ambitions for the band and their careers, it’s clear to see he takes this all with all the heart and gusto he has to offer. He works the stage with precision and an energy that commands the eye of everyone who watches. Guitarist Geoff Wigington isn’t much different in that respect, even as the lights go down preceding an encore, fans are chanting his name in a chorus in hopes it would coax him and the rest of the band back to the stage. “TANTRUM” is the perfect ending, allowing everyone to gather all they have left to sing loud, to dance erratically and overall really go out with a powerful finish.

What Entertainment Tour has shown is that both Patent Pending and Waterparks are two of the best live performances out there right now and together they’re kind of unstoppable.