Last summer, we talked to singer-songwriter Bea Miller before she performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in Wantagh, New York. At the time of our interview, she had released two EPs, Chapter 1: Blue and Chapter 2: Red, and was getting ready to release a third, Chapter 3: Yellow; the EPs would be combined with a few new tracks for her second album. In our interview, Miller discussed Spectrum as a possible album title, explaining that “in the same sense that the three primary colors make up every color in the spectrum of colors, you need to experience your Chapter 1: Blue, your Chapter 2: Red, and your Chapter 3: Yellow in order to be the best version of yourself that you can be, you know- you have to go through sadness and loneliness and anger and desperation and happiness and excitement and frustration and whatever else it may be in order to figure out who you are.” However, Miller has changed her mind on the title: she’s announced that her sophomore album will officially be called Aurora, and it will be released on February 23 on Hollywood Records.

Miller recently Tweeted about the album title change, first saying “hope I shook you with the album title change” then later adding“aurora – inspired by the goddess of the dawn. the story goes that she flies across the sky every morning, pulling the sun behind her, throwing flowers from her chariot. she is the bringer of daylight and represents a new beginning, which is what this album has become for me.” The album artwork, which can be seen below, shows Miller in a milk bath with blue, red and yellow flowers.

Bea Miller - 'Aurora'

Pre-orders for Aurora are not yet available, though we’ll be sure to update you with news on all things Bea Miller. In the mean time, check out the music video for “S.L.U.T.” (from Chapter 3: Yellow), below.