Providence, Rhode Island trio Raven King offers a little bit of everything musically within the confines of grunge and alternative rock. Their newest album, an 11-track self-titled release, is moody and melancholic but contains occasional bursts of energy, jazzy undertones, and more nuances that you’ll pick up on with repeat listens. Those who enjoy anything from Queens Of The Stone Age to The Mars Volta can surely find something to grab onto here.

Speaking on their work, and specifically their video for “Drool” (which you can view below), the band says, “Every creation is an intense outpouring of emotion that is then concentrated into something very focused. Inspired by a nightmare, the music video [for ‘Drool’] was an intensive labor of love, ranging from the handmade masks, to the storyboard to the set production, managing the project, organizing the extras, directing the filming director, helping with the editing of the film, etc. From the self-produced, self-recorded album, to the music video, every creation gets its due of sweat, blood, and tears.”

Make sure to check that out before or after—your choice—streaming Raven King in full below via Spotify. If you dig the album as much as we think you will, you can download your very own copy via Bandcamp for any price you want. What are you waiting for?