Oh, how am I going to get through this
Oh, give anything for someone you miss

These cold January winds are a harsh reminder that I’ve nearly spent another cuffing season alone and complaining about it on twitter. I usually turn to something more somber or cutting so that I can let this out this full-tilt dramatic version of my love life unfold in front of me, but I’ve found myself seeking shelter in pop music this year. Is it a method of distraction? Maybe. Do I actually care if it’s a distraction? Not so long as bands like Dancing On Tables exist to help nurture this wound to my ego. Today, I’m excited to share a new song of theirs called “Missing.”

I know that these romantic struggles aren’t unique to me– I’m not that egocentric. There’s just something about the way Dancing On Tables tackles the subject and turns it into this bombastic and hypnotic pop-rock anthem that makes me feel down-right excited that there’s a song that tackles the subject matter so bluntly. Sure, “Missing” is about what happens after a falling out– missing the person that you’ve built a relationship and realizing that compromise and conversation are the keys to keeping a healthy relationship alive, but it just feels damn good to howl along to a chorus of “Oh, how am I going to get through this/Oh, give anything for someone you miss” as the January winds are steadily roaring behind me.

When asked about the track, Dancing On Tables said: “With Missing, we wanted to make a track that would shake the January blues. We based the song on the idea of the fights and struggles you witness in any relationship. Instead of accompanying it with a sound that you would typically associate with a negative subject like that, Missing developed into our most up-tempo and feel good track yet.

You can stream “Missing” below.