At the time this is being written, I don’t have an official pronunciation for Onr. I’m fairly sure that it’s one of two options: honor or owner, and based on the kind of epic and anthemic rock music they’ve been pumping out, I’m willing to hedge my bets on the latter being the victor. There’s a certain level of surefire confidence you need to have going into making music and sharing it with the world; you have to own every decision you make and every word you choose to sing– and Capitol Records’ newest Scotish import seems to have that boiled down to a science.

They released a song called “Jericho” back in August that laid the groundwork for what we can expect from Onr songs in the future. The vocals alone have enough power and prowess to draw you in, but there’s a theatricality to their songwriting that leaves you hanging on every word that’s sung, and before you know it, you’re in the depths of these huge synth swells not unlike that of up and comers, Honors.

Today, we’re bringing y’all the lyric video for the newest single from Onr, the politically charged and explosive “Five Years Time.” The track manages to feel dystopian without feeling hopeless. Onr has brough the kind of arena-ready synth rock that builds until it’s ready to punch–and leaves you breathless once it does. The first minute of the song is a bait and switch style delivery a verse that presents as steady and building and then explodes into a hook that hits you like a shot of adrenaline.

When asked about “Five Years Time,” Onr said: “After the reception Jericho received, it feels great to have 5 Years Time released – a continuation of the same themes, but through a different lens, I guess. So grateful for all the feedback on this track – and thrilled to have another track out in the wider world. This is only the start.” The lyric video can be found below.

“Five Years Time” is available to stream/download now. Add the song to your playlist here.