If we’ve learned anything about Fall Out Boy since their triumphant return in 2013, it’s that this is a band that doesn’t shy away from experimenting with their sound. That re-emergence saw a pop-punk powerhouse transform into this grand and almost operatic rock band with sights set on the sun. The first breath of Save Rock & Roll made that mission statement clear; the proclamatory album title and artwork paired nicely with the grandiose rock-opera that was presented to the masses. On the exhale, Fall Out Boy was quick to release their most ripping and lo-fidelity material to date with Pax Am Days. Thankfully, this idea of consistent evolution of sound seems to have carried over into their upcoming seventh studio album, Mania.

The first single (Young and Menace) was met with lukewarm, if not horrified, reactions from fans. It was a strange walk down a dub-step path for a band that’s staked their claim as the saviors of rock music and was polarizing because of it. This reaction was most likely the reason that Fall Out Boy chose to push the release of Mania from September of this year until January of 2018. A steady stream of singles has been released to hold us over, including the original version of a song called “Champion.” The track is filled with the kind of drive and cocksure attitude that is bound to find its way into motivational playlists and gym jams for 2018, and as such was already the creme of the crop in regards to this cycle. Somehow, they found a way to make this song even better.

Collaborating with RM of the explosive K-Pop stronghold BTSwhose newest music video was released three weeks ago and has accrued ~72mil views– to remix “Champion” was a smart move on the part of Fall Out Boy. RM kicks the track off, bringing a slick and hypnotic flow to his delivery that makes the song feel all the more epic. He sneaks back in around the 2/3 mark of the song and carries it through to sure-fire success– breathing an entirely new life into a track that already felt monumental. The track is available through Spotify below.

The “Champion” remix ft RM of BTS is available on all streaming services now! Add it to your playlist here.