Acoustic music is, by default, more intimate than a full-band experience. There’s less to hide behind when you strip everything away, and it can either be really good, or it can be really bad. Matt Westerman is well aware of the risk that comes with putting out a record of this nature, but his new record, Life Out Loud is nothing short of triumphant. His breathy vocals dance around twangy guitars and beautifully percussive strings to create an experience that is so intimate and full of love that it will immediately warm the heart.

His vocals resonate with me similar to that of Passenger; so full of life, and fresh in the way that it’s not the traditional buttery smooth male vocal. The cracks heard along the way only add to the authenticity to the emotion of tracks like “Flower Dress” and “Sunrise.”

When asked about the record, Matt said: “Life Out Loud is about living in the present moment and taking a chance on a dream. The EP examines what it means to love who you are and not be afraid to fail. Creating this record forced me to take chances and face challenges that forced me well out of my comfort zone. In the end, I think it helped me grow into more of the person I want to be, and it was an experience I will never forget.

You can hear Life Out Loud in full below.

Life Out Loud is out November 10th. Pick up your copy here.