Venice, Italy’s New Candys released their stunning third album, Bleeding Magenta, on October 6th via Fuzz Club Records. The album is full of cumbersome and atmospheric post-punk that rolls over you like quicksand; it’s a slow crawl toward the bottom, but one that’s difficult to pull yourself out of. The experience is one that leaves you feeling a little bit heavier than you did when you started it, but you’re so mesmerized by the world that the band was able to create with these elven songs that you don’t even care.

Today, we’re bringing you the music video for “Tempera.” The video pairs well with the tumultuous and lethargic nature of the song. The video jumps between whites and reds, using primary colors to keep the attention of viewers. We see flowers drowning in color and hands full of blood, cutting back and forth between the macabre nature of the black and white shots and the violent reds. The haunting visuals make it feel more like the kind of video that would be used to brainwash somebody than it does a music video.

When asked about the music video, which can be seen above, New Candys said: “We were interested in giving life to the imaginary of the album artwork, playing with natural and surreal elements, balancing what is real and what is artificial.” Said artwork can be seen below.

New Candys Bleeding Magenta

Bleeding Magenta is out now on Fuzz Club Records. You can pick up your copy of the record here.