How is it mid-September already? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the Fourth of July. In the Midwest at least, it currently feels like it’s the Fourth of July with the late heatwave. But of course time marches on, and we’re closer to autumn and the leaves falling than we are to pool parties and beaches. The shift from summer to fall hasn’t stopped music, though. Every week there are still a number of great releases coming, and we’re here to sift through them and let you know some of the best tracks to listen to. Let’s dive into this week’s edition of Take 5.

Foo Fighters – Dirty Water

Just a week after The National appeared on this list, another highly influential and enduring rock band shares an album. Foo Fighters’ new album Concrete and Gold is their ninth, so the band know their way around a rock song. In their long career they’ve cranked out tracks that range from mellow acoustic stylings to in your face rock with the heaviest of riffs. “Dirty Water” falls right into the happy medium. It starts with some lovely vocal harmonies and warm strumming behind Dave Grohl’s more melodic singing. The back half includes great riffs and Grohl leaning more into his rock voice, and put together the song is everything you might want out of Foo Fighters.

Lorde, Khalid, SZA, Post Malone – Homemade Dynamite Remix

We posted this on Friday when it went live, but it’s too good not to include on the list. “Homemade Dynamite” was already one of the best tracks on Lorde’s Melodrama when it dropped in June. The remix is even better. Each guest brings their best to the table here. Khalid croons with the best of them, SZA’s verse is as smooth and cool as can be, and Post Malone’s distinctive sing-song rapping fits perfectly into the track. That chorus can’t be beat, either. Lorde clearly knows how to bring together talent for a remix.

MUNA – In My Way

MUNA already put out one of the best albums of the year in About U. It’s incredibly nice then that Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson are back with another new song before the year is out. “In My Way” is the sweetest love song you’re likely to hear this month and features those electro-pop stylings we know you enjoy. The fact that MUNA makes it clear that the song is for all of their fans makes it even sweeter. The homemade music video for the track is also the most fun, adorable video you’re going to see all year.

The Killers – Some Kind of Love

Every album from The Killers is good for at least one ballad that will make you feel a lot of intense feelings. Hot Fuss has “All These Things That I’ve Done,” Sam’s Town has “Read My Mind,” and Day & Age has “The World We Live In.” “Some Kind of Love” is going to be that song for Wonderful Wonderful. It’s big and theatrical in the way that The Killers do best with the earnestness to hit home. Brandon Flowers’ falsetto is still impeccable, and The Killers have always known how to build up a stirring instrumental into something special. “Some Kind of Love” is no exception.

Post Malone, 21 Savage – rockstar

Post Malone had himself an incredible week, and it results in him appearing on the list a second time with his own single “rockstar.” Post’s flow here is impeccable, and the beat wisely gives him room to operate. The bridge is incredible, with Post showing off his singing as well while discussing the life that comes with fame and fortune. 21 Savage also puts in the work here, combining smart wordplay with just enough of a vocal drone to match the instrumental.

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