We’ve got a lot to be happy about here at Substream. We get to share wonderful music with you, we all love working with each other, and life is generally looking pretty good for us. We hope that you’re as happy as we are. While life can’t always be all sunshine and rainbows, there’s still a lot to be happy about, and we hope your life is full of it. Mike Mains is pretty dang happy himself, and he’s poured that happiness into his new single “My Way,” which we’re thrilled to premiere today.

With a bright little horn in the background and a percussion driven instrumental that’s perfect to dance to, “My Way” is guaranteed to make your day better. Mains spends the runtime celebrating his life with his love, and things are definitely going his way.

Asked about the inspiration behind the song, Mains said,

“I drift through most days in my head. Every now and then, I close my eyes, let go of life a little bit, and dive into joy. That’s how ‘My Way’ was born.”

The song is perfect to move your feet to, and that’s exactly what happens in the lyric video. The video was created by Shannon Mains, Mike’s wife. Mike reveals,

“My wife, who is a huge inspiration to me, made this colorful lyric video for fun one afternoon and I flipped out. She shot it in our living room.”

Watch the lyric video for “My Way” below. After you’re done, play it again so you can dance to it. You know you want to.