We are now three full days into 2017 and so far things seem to be off to a good start. It would be foolish to assume the twelve months ahead would be all that different from the twelve that came before, but we know for certain that there are several albums on the horizon we cannot wait to hear in full. One of them belongs to Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, who just this week shared a new song fittingly titled “New Year.”

If you have yet to discover the pop and country influenced take on Americana that Drew Holcomb performs then “New Year” is as good a place as any to be introduced to his sound. Holcomb and his band have been making a unique style of modern folk music for over a decade at this point and they show no signs of slowing anytime soon. “New Year” is a lovely and upbeat mid-tempo song about the endless possibilities found in the arrival of a new year. Take a listen below:

“New Year” is the first song to surface off Drew Holcomb’s new album, Souvenir, which will be released on March 24 through Magnolia Music. Holcomb and his band will be hitting the road to support the album a week later with dates planned from New York to Los Angeles over the course of a month. Click here for dates and ticket information.