Geowulf‘s “Drink Too Much” was one of our songs of the summer. Who couldn’t relate to their feelings getting them into trouble late at night, whether aided by alcohol or not? Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin have a knack for creating catchy, relatable tunes. They also have a knack for releasing great music videos. That second point has been proven yet again with the release of the video for “Drink Too Much.”

The single art for the track showed the pair poolside at a secluded retreat, and that’s where the video takes place as well. At first its just Kendrick and Banjanin lounging by themselves as the song plays. Eventually some elderly pool-goers join the band, and they even get in on the choreography. If that sounds delightful to you, then you’re in luck because it is indeed amazing.

Watch the video for “Drink Too Much” at the top of the post. As summer turns to fall we’re excited to see what else Geowulf have in store for us.