At this point, The National have proven they can do just about anything they want to artistically and pull it off. Over nearly 20 years they’ve embodied a plethora of different sounds and ideas in their work. This applies to their music videos as well. Earlier in the summer they released the performance video for “Carin at the Liquor Store” from their upcoming album, Sleep Well Beast. Now they’ve shared a video for another new track, “Day I Die,” that’s totally different.

The video is in black and white for the most part, and follows the band as they set up for a gig. The catch is that every frame is a photo, and the video consists of stringing those photos together to create motion. Each photo leaves a ghostly afterimage as the video progresses, so barely any space in the video is not occupied by an object or person through the four and a half minute runtime. Those afterimages fit with the song as well, as “Day I Die” is a reflective look at lead singer Matt Berninger’s life, relationships, and how the end might be.

Sleep Well Beast is set for release next Friday, September 8, through 4AD.