In May, Tokyo-based band End Of The World entered the consciousness of pop culture in the United States with “One More Night,” a bold, fun track with a hook to die for. It was an excellent way for the group to grab the American public’s attention, and now that they have it, they’re not letting go. Today, we’re proud to premiere a new remix of the track from Swedish producer Steerner.

Steerner, who is just 23 years old, brings a whole new feeling to the track. A club banger has been transformed into a beach party staple, and you can’t go wrong throwing a bit of piano into any track.

In a statement, End Of The World expressed excitement over the remix, saying:

“Our last remix to release is young talented Steerner.
His young energy and great taste has made One More Night brand new again!
We all love this remix. “

Without further ado, get ready for your weekend, and give Steerner’s remix of End Of The World’s “One More Night” a listen below.