What happens when fourteen year old social media sensation Jacob Sartorius partners with Blackbear, the latest breakout star of the digital age? The answer could very well be the soundtrack to your summer 2017.

“Hit Me Back” is the latest single from Sartorius, who has already made better business decisions before being old enough to drive than many of his online peers. As with all great pop songs the track captures something simple we all relate to, in this case the feeling of not hearing from that special someone, and reduces it to a musical ear worm you can single you can sing in front of your mom. It’s so sweet you might need to see a dentist, but it’s so addictive you probably won’t complain.

Sartorius is currently performing Australia and New Zealand, but will be returning stateside for a string of shows beginning July 22 in Denver, CO. Dates and ticket information for all of Sartorius’ upcoming shows can e found on his official website.