Fickle Friends share title track off upcoming EP ‘Glue’

fickle friends

Most of the time we wait until Friday to loosen our ties and break out the dance moves, but sometimes a song drops in the middle of the week that we just can’t help but cut a rug to. Today is an example of this, as Fickle Friends have returned and brought a new track with them, the insanely fun “Glue.”

The track contains all the best sensibilities from ’80s dance music. That includes a good helping of synths and electronic stylings from member Jack Wilson and Chris Hall making the guitar dance as much as you will be. In the vein of the instrumentals, Natassja (Natti) Shiner sings of having one blow-out night of fun and affection.

“Glue” is the title track from Fickle Friend’s upcoming new EP, the group’s second. Glue will be released through Polydor Records on August 11. You can listen to the new track below.