Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are both great. Linney has been in some serious fare before, with roles in Sully and Nocturnal Animals recently, while Bateman is probably most well known for his work in comedies such as Arrested Development and Horrible Bosses. In the trailer for upcoming Netflix Original Series OZARK, it looks like they’re in their darkest roles yet.

The two play Marty and Wendy Byrd, a couple with a whole bunch of money. The only problem is that the money comes from the drug cartel that Marty launders for. Considering the trailer begins with Marty asking how to make his family vanish and Wendy at one point declares “this place is death,” it seems that things are likely going to go sideways quickly. The trailer is scored to Kanye West’s haunting “Wolves” from The Life Of Pablo and ends with Marty on his knees with a gun pointed to his head.

It’s some intense stuff, and we’re excited to see if the full series can maintain that focus and heart-racing atmosphere. The series will stream on Netflix on July 21.