Everything is cooler when you can interact with it. Museums with exhibits you can touch, wildlife sanctuaries where you can feed the animals, and choose your own adventure books all prove this point. That’s why the new music video from Real Estate for “Stained Glass” is so cool.

The official version of the music video can be viewed above with an animation style that looks straight out of a coloring book. While the color choices for it are nice, the band have allowed fans to make their own choices. The band set up a website that includes a wide array of colors for viewers to choose from and paint with as the video plays. Finished projects can then be shared. It’s a great, fun idea that we definitely spent way too much time playing around with this morning.

The band also announced fall tour dates in support of the recently released In Mind. The tour begins on October 19 in Santa Barbra, California, and ends on November 5 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tickets are on sale on the band’s website right now with the code word “STAINEDGLASS” for all dates except October 26 in Big Sur, California, and November 4 in Iowa City, Iowa. For those dates, the code is “INMIND.” A full list of dates can be found below.

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