Angelo Fiaretti is a living, breathing example of the DIY scene. After dropping out of high school at age 16, Fiaretti threw himself into the local punk and indie scene. As a result, MIGHTY was born.

In an effort to change his scenery and meet new collaborators, Fiaretti moved from Philadelphia to Atlanta, where he met Daniel Gleason (Grouplove, All Get Out), and began to hone in on the best of his songwriting ability and refine MIGHTY’s sound.

MIGHTY’s debut EP, Bye Have Nice, was released last November, and today we are thrilled to bring you the music video for “Losing Things.” It’s a very emotional song, and the video digs deep into Fiaretti’s personal life. The video is simple, showing Fiaretti putting up framed photos and posters on a wall and eventually skating away from the house the video is set in. When asked him about the video, Fiaretti said:

“The video is something that captures the turmoil in my life up to that day. I had ended a long relationship living with a girl, and soon after the video was shot, I had to move out of what my life was for the past four years. The shot of me leaving the front door of my house going to skate has a personal Easter egg caught on film that only me and my closest friends understand the weight it holds.

Watch the video for “Losing Things” below.