There’s a certain charm to DIY music videos that you can’t capture on a big budget experience. There’s also a certain charm in poking some fun at both of the above, as Kelly Lee Owens has demonstrated with the release of her music video for “Throwing Lines.”

The music video follows an enterprising young man and his reluctant friend as they craft a music video for Owens. In the story of the video, Owens has no idea they’re making a music video for her, but as the young man so eloquently puts, “Nobody turns down a free music video.” The dude has got some pretty sweet dance moves, though. In a press release, Owens explained, “This is one of the poppiest tracks on my record and it could have had a showy video to match, but it feels good to take the piss instead – out of myself and that world.”

“Throwing Lines” is off of Owens’s self-titled debut, which was released in March through Smalltown Supersound.