Just yesterday Geowulf shared new music in the form of the single “Get You.” The turnaround from single release can vary wildly depending on the artist and track. Sometimes singles and videos come out together, and sometimes the turnaround can be close to a year. In this case, we just had to wait one day for the duo to share their new music video for “Get You.”

The video switches throughout between a standard music video level of production to a home video footage style that the pair have utilized extensively in the past. Star Kendrick spends the majority of the video front and center as she dances in front of streamers, Old West backdrops, and backdrops of solid color, but Toma Banjanin also gets a few dance moves in there as well.

With a new single and a new video, we’re thrilled Geowulf are back in our lives. If the duo release anything else in the near future, you know that you can check back in here for all of the updates.