It’s spring, which means everything is thawing out and getting a new start. The same is true for Australian band Tonight Alive, who, today, announced they have signed with Hopeless Records and celebrated the news by releasing a music video for a new track called “World Away.”

The song is quite an uplifting affair, as lead singer Jenna McDougall sings of fighting through obstacles in order to come out on the other side better than before. In a press release, McDougall said, “In a society that conditions us to suppress and shy away from confronting emotions, we wrote an invitation in ‘World Away’ to shake hands with what scares us most and begin recognizing the opportunity for growth in struggle.” The video, directed by Megan Thompson, finds McDougall singing while grainy nature footage is displayed via projector behind and over her.

The press release also notes that recording for Tonight Alive’s next studio album, their first with Hopeless and fourth overall, will begin this summer. The band’s first three albums were released through Fearless Records in the United States.