Lady Dynamite herself, Maria Bamford, is back with an-all new comedy special.

Set for an exclusive Netflix release on May 2, Old Baby finds Bamford performing her unique brand of comedy in a wide array of venues. The special appears to be cut together from various sets, each in a location a bit more unusual than the last. We see Maria telling stories on stage, as well as in people’s homes, in the streets, and even in a bowling alley. The background may change, but the humor – just like Maria – does not.

The press release for Old Baby reads:

In her first special since her hit show Lady Dynamite, Maria Bamford is back and ready to make things awkward with Maria Bamford: Old Baby. Expect the unconventional with a special that moves through a series of odd L.A. performance venues, exploring the relationship between Maria and her various audiences. Maria takes on dog park philosophers, mismatched in-laws, hard-to-move merchandise, therapy songs, audience abandonment issues, and the true story of peek-a-boo.

A second season of Lady Dynamite is expected to premiere on Netflix later in 2017. If you have somehow missed the first season until now, make sure to binge the series this week. Here’s one of our favorite scenes: