With each passing day the anticipation for LANY’s debut album grows. A month after releasing “Good Girls” off the new album, the LA trio are back at it again with an achingly longing track entitled “It Was Love.”

The song is the band’s most heavily electronic yet, with synths and keys dominating the track, including a pretty epic bridge in the middle. The song revolves around a confession of lifelong love that was never acted upon. While at first it seems to be a happy recollection shared between singer Paul Klein and this woman, later verses reveal he never said anything and the woman is now married to one of his best friends. Listen now:

The song follows a trend of LANY twisting traditional love stories around like in their earlier video for “ILYSB.” The band’s debut album is available to pre-order on red vinyl through Urban Outitters, and the site lists a release date of June 30.