We’ve known the basic plot of Life for months now. A group of astronauts find life on Mars, but it turns out that life isn’t the friendliest thing around. What we didn’t know were specifics: what does this organism look like and what does it do that to the people it catches? In the new restricted trailer for the film, we get those answers.

If you want to go into the movie relatively unspoiled, we suggest you don’t watch the trailer and stop reading now.

Hello to all of those still interested! Turns out the organism is a translucent tentacle shaped blob. On it’s own, it doesn’t look frightening, but it moves with freakish speed and does all sorts of nasty things to the crew. We see fingers getting snapped backwards, space suits getting infiltrated, and a capsule that may or may not contain the creature arriving back on Earth. Even with the surprise of the reveal removed, we’re still interested in the design and premise of the movie enough to go see it. We won’t have to wait long to see how everything turns out, either. Life is headed to theaters this Friday, March 24. Check out the trailer below.