Record Store Day is April 22 this year. That means that we’re only a sliver over a month away from one of the best days on the calendar. GROUPLOVE is evidently just as thrilled as we are, as the group announced the Little Mess EP will be released as part of the day’s offerings.

As explained in a Facebook post, the tracks were originally meant to appear on Big Mess, the band’s September 2016 release. When the songs didn’t make the cut, GROUPLOVE decided to hold onto them and give them their own special moment. The band also released a trailer for the EP that contains snippets of the new songs. They all sound very similar to the kind of experience found on Big Mess, which is by no means a bad thing. Give the trailer a listen:

Do you have your Record Store Day plan laid out yet? It’s never too early to figure it out! A ton of details about the day as well as a full list of releases can be found on the event’s website.