As you may know, design is something that’s constantly evolving. Whether in fashion, interior decoration, filmmaking, or any other endeavor, you can easily trace an evolution in the major trends throughout the years. While new and shiny isn’t bad, using older designs can help carry a specific message while also setting a project apart. It’s this principle that’s evident in duo Tennis‘ music video for “Modern Woman” (via W Magazine).

The video features singer Alaina Moore in a series of rooms decorated in the styles of mid-19th century upper class homes. Throughout the video, Moore is only accompanied by mirrors through which she stares and engages with herself. This intimate setting is elaborated on in a Facebook post in which Moore explains, “Women tend to define themselves in terms of their relation to the world and other people, or at least I do. In our video for ‘Modern Woman,’ I examine my connection to femininity. What do I embrace and what do I reject?”

Watch the “Modern Woman” video to see what she means:

“Modern Woman” is off of Tennis’ upcoming album, Yours Conditionally, due out on March 10. You can pre-order the album in both physical and digital formats on the band’s website.