It is no great secret that the modern music marketplace is overcrowded. There are way too many bands writing way too many songs, and as a result a lot of truly great up-and-comers go unnoticed because their efforts are drowned out by the cavalcade of competition vying for the same exposure as them. The only useful advice anyone can give for those hoping to stand out is that honest music still matters, which is a good thing because that is precisely what Illinois-based pop-punk outfit Short Handed strive to create.

You may or may not have heard Short Handed’s incredible debut EP when it hit Bandcamp and the blogosphere in the middle of 2016, but it will be far harder to ignore their latest release. “Man’s Best Friend” offers an immediately infectious love song written from a perspective that is rarely found in alternative music today. As vocalist/guitarist told 36 Vultures last week, “This is a song told from my dog Lucifer’s point of view just before my first return from college.”

You can view the video for “Man’s Best Friend” below:


I’m getting really tired of chasing the things I’ll never catch,
Like squirrels and cars and the invisible balls you throw when we’re playing fetch
And I’ve been sitting here Oh so patiently just
waiting for the day you see that
No one could ever love you
As much as I do

Why’d you keep such a short leash
If you never even wanted me?

“Man’s Best Friend” is the first music video Short Handed have released. It is also the first music video for director Lars Juveland, who shot the video over the course of a single day back in November of last year.

Short Handed have not revealed their plans for the remainder of 2017 just yet, but we imagine more music and plenty of touring is on the way. We also imagine the band will be courted by more than a few record labels, but whether or not that comes to pass is something we do not know at this time. Here’s hoping for the best.