Sonny Moore has spent the past decade redefining the world of electronic music under the name Skrillex, but alternative fans know the 29-year-old has a history in music that predates his time in EDM. Moore’s career began with a band called From First To Last, and there has long been a demand for him to one day return.

Late Sunday evening, Moore took to Twitter to share a new From First To Last single, titled “Make War.” The song hearkens back to a time when post-hardcore dominated the alternative scene, and more or less picks up right where the group left off sonically after Moore’s departure following the release of Heroine in March of 2006.

Stream “Make War” below:

Whether this is the beginning of a new chapter for the band or simply a one-off release remains unclear at this time. Follow Substream on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates as soon as more information becomes available.