We here at Substream love horror, as you might have caught onto by now. We’re always looking for films that will have us leaving the lights on and constantly checking over our shoulders. When a trailer gives us that effect, that’s a good sign we’ve found ourselves a great horror film. The trailer for horror anthology XX, directed entirely by women, has definitely given us the creeps.

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The trailer gives a quick taste of each of the four stories found in the anthology. First there’s Jovanka Vuckovic’s The Box, the contents of which are so damaging that they drive the protagonist’s son to become so apathetic he neglects basic life functions. Next is Annie Clark—otherwise known as musician St. Vincent—making her directorial debut with the creepily vibrant Birthday Party. We get a secluded woods monster tale from Roxanne Benjamin with Don’t Fall, and Karyn Kusama wraps things up with a possessed or psychotic problem child in Her Only Living Son. Each section looks thrilling, and together should make a terrifying addition to horror. Watch the trailer, if you dare:

XX will be released in theaters alongside VOD services on February 17. It might take you that long to gather the courage to watch.