If you thought 2016 would be the year the Chainsmokers peaked, think again. The duo behind last year’s megahit “Closer” (that also featured Halsey) is back again with a new radio single called “Paris” that will be stuck in your head in no time at all.

Based on the idea that some people misinterpret nostalgic memories for fantasy scenarios that never really happened (for example: thinking an awful relationship was really a passionate one), “Paris” is yet another exploration of modern love on the run as told by the Chainsmokers. The group’s penchant for using their lyrics to promote dreaming in spite of reality is as prevalent as ever here, with hook-laden results you will be singing along with before your first listen has come to an end. Don’t believe me? Experience “Paris” for yourself:

You don’t have to be an EDM diehard to know there are dozens of variations when it comes to what most would consider electronic music in 2017. The Chainsmokers have always been an act that straddled the line between house music and radio-ready pop, but over the last year they have been straying further and further from their house music roots. “Closer” is the most obvious example of this, with the duo exchanging many electronic ethos for a more straightforward, mid-tempo approach that relies on a verse-chorus-verse structure. “Paris” is another step away from traditional EDM, but whether or not this trend will continue remains to be seen.

For those hoping to hear “Paris” live, the Chainsmokers will be touring throughout the year. The duo has also been teasing the possibility of releasing their first album sometime this year, but it’s unclear at this point if that project will actually happen. Releasing a string of singles has worked well for the group so far, so why change?

We’ll bring you more on the Chainsmokers’ march toward total global domination in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned.