Back in February, Australian singer-songwriter Blake Rose released “Suddenly Okay”, the title track off his Suddenly Okay EP – and the namesake for his first-ever headlining tour.

Blake Rose is no stranger to the road: he’d previously supported the likes of Lauren Spencer Smith, Mimi Webb, and Noah Kahan. These support slots – along with past headlining gigs in Los Angeles and New York, and an active online presence – have helped him build a dedicated fanbase in cities across the country. At his recent show at The Echo in Los Angeles, Rose called out familiar faces in the crowd who he’d seen at the prior night’s show in Phoenix.

The set – which began with the energetic “Rollerblades”, from the 2021 EP A World Gone By – offered a selection of songs from across Rose’s catalog: from his 2018 single “Hotel Room”, to the chaotically euphoric “Don’t Stop The Car” from his 2023 EP You’ll Get It When You’re Older, to the optimistically heartbroken “Suddenly Okay.” 

A song or two in, Rose paused to inform the crowd of a “rule” he had for the night: “if you see someone cute, ask for their number.” The show had a mix of moments from sentimental – “Movie” was introduced as a song “about living your best life” – to upbeat: “Never Let Go”, another cut from the Suddenly Okay EP, had the crowd moving and singing along.

A highlight from this rowdy Monday evening show came towards the end, when Rose came into the audience to play “Gone” totally unplugged: no microphone, no amplifier. Standing on a platform that had him elevated above the crowd, he rotated so every person in the room could see him up close.

The Suddenly Okay Tour has now wrapped, but you can keep up with Blake Rose on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and his official website. Listen to the Suddenly Okay EP (out now via AWAL Recordings) here.