Today, Super American have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Gangster of Love, on May 31st via Wax Bodega.

Produced by Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Bayside), Gangster of Love follows 2021’s SUP and 2018’s Tequila Sunrise and found the duo fleeing Buffalo for Los Angeles, where the push and pull between the two songwriters — Patrick Feeley and Matt Cox — were allowed to flourish in this brand-new environment.

To celebrate the album announcement, Super American have shared the first single — and it’s accompanying music video — “Hopefully Pitchfork Doesn’t Hear This.” The single is a tongue-in-cheek track that rides it’s palm-muted guitar chunks into a massive, anxiety-driven chorus.

Watch the music video below and pre-save the new album here.

Since their formation back in 2016 in Western New York, Super American have blurred the line between absurdism and existentialism, 90’s melodies, new-age pop/punk energy, and heartfelt emotions into a swirling and impressive rock sound.

‘SUP’ was basically a record filled with anxiety as a survival mechanism,” Feeley explains. “This time around, it was less of a victim mindset. Thematically, I feel like it’s more about yearnings and desires and what you want for yourself.”

We wanted this album to feel like you were stepping into this little world, and working with Sam helped us accomplish that,” says Cox.

Between the release of SUP and the upcoming Gangster of Love, Super American have won over listeners through tours with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Neck Deep, and Hot Mulligan, and are poised to continue their breakout with their brand of self-described slacker rock to brand-new audiences.

We’ve always approached the band from a very innocent, youthful place despite not actually forming as kids,” Cox says. “I think that’s been a little bit of how we’ve lasted so long, by not really being beholden to hindsight. It keeps us moving forward and able to find new listeners.”

Adds Feeley: “Whatever audience gets it and enjoys it, god fucking bless their souls because they must be sick.”


Super American gang art


  2. Manager Haircut
  3. Mental Karate
  4. Okay. Eat Me Alive.
  5. Hopefully Pitchfork Doesn’t Hear This
  6. Drowning
  7. Limerence II
  8. IDWLG
  10. Who’s Gonna Get Me High?
  11. Ugly Cryin’ With My Dog
  12. Admirer
  13. Altima Song