I don’t even have to tell you; there are a lot of television shows out there. It often feels overwhelming, with some still airing on network television, streaming premieres, and seasons dropping all at once, and there is very little time to watch them all. We’re all busy, but we also want to enjoy these works of art on their own merits and give them time to marinate. Many writers, actors, and people behind the scenes work hard to bring these stories to our various means of watching them. 

Much post-discussion or community built around these experiences has been severed in how episodes are distributed. Chances are, if you don’t immediately catch a season drop the weekend it’s all put on a streaming service, you’ll eventually fall behind because there’s something else coming down the pipeline. It can get overwhelming and does the art no good because it feels like we are in a non-stop cycle of watch and discard. Maybe moments would be long-lasting if we gave them the space to let them breathe.  I noticed a lot of chatter around Amazon’s Fallout series and wondered why many wished it adhered to a weekly release model. Aside from going to every streaming company and asking to change their model, I immediately thought about what could be done at Substream Magazine to help. 

Welcome to the No Binge Watch Zone, a new weekly initiative at Substream Magazine!

Okay. What is this idea? 

The No Binge Watch Zone is going to be a hub that will mainly focus on weekly reviews/recaps/theory timed to go live to the episodic rhythm of some of the biggest shows out there like ‘X-Men 97,’ ‘The Sympathizer,’ and shows like that. There’s a two-tiered process on how this will work out right now. Starting next Sunday, we’ll publish a schedule of what reviews to look forward to for the following week, which will be published on the site. Don’t worry; if you miss something, there will be a wrap-up post on Fridays with everything published, with some ranks on what you must see. 

In addition, if a massive show like Stranger Things, etc., has a binge model, there will most likely be episode-by-episode recaps because it’s cool to discuss spoilers and move the conversation that way. There is also some discussion about various formats, with some extras on the way that will be announced at a later date.

But wait, there is one more thing! 

Starting in May, we will post a poll, and readers will be able to vote on a show they would like to see as part of the No Binge Watch Zone and include it in our coverage plans. I’m excited to do this as I miss the experience of discussing a crucial plot point or twist with people. Perhaps you do, too, which is why No Bing Watch Zone was made. We’ll see you next week!