Fearless Records Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary!

It’s a safe bet that every fan of alternative, punk, or rock music can scream along to at least one song released on the label’s star-studded roster. From The Pretty Reckless to I Prevail to Ice Nine Kills to Plain White T’s, Fearless Records is a one-stop-shop for a perfect playlist. 

To celebrate the label’s milestone, we’re shining a spotlight on the latter artist – Plain White T’s – whose hit song “Hey There Delilah” turns 18 this year.

“Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s is undoubtedly timeless, partially attributed to the song’s wide array of meanings. Some listeners perceive it as a nostalgic sing-along song while others bask in their tears and get whisked away in the heartbreaking lyrics about lost love.

These juxtaposing interpretations are actualized in the song’s diverse usage as a soundtrack across dozens of television shows and movies. Let’s look back at the most iconic TV moments that feature the tear-evoking track.

Orange Is The New Black (at 6 minutes 16 seconds)


Orange Is The New Black was a groundbreaking show for Netflix. By Season 2, the hype was at its peak. “Hey There Delilah” created a perfectly nostalgic energy to set the scene for a flashback moment in this episode.

Family Guy


Family Guy took a comedic route by using the song as a parody. “Hey There Delilah” was used in thousands of cliche photo montage videos online throughout the 2010s, including Peter Griffin’s. 

Sesame Street


Name another alternative song with the same range as “Hey There Delilah”…we’ll wait. Plain White T’s scored a rendition on Sesame Street where the letter T re-imagined the lyrics, proving that the song is instantly recognizable amongst kids and adults.

Greek (Season 1, Episode 3)


The 2010s were a pinnacle era for bands to guest star on drama television shows, especially during school dance scenes. Plain White T’s had their moment in the spotlight during season 1 of this ABC Family series.

The Masked Singer


Even 18 years after the song’s release, it is still showcased on the small screen. In recent years, a masked singer disguised as a S’more performed a chill-inducing cover on this primetime show. The performance was loved by the audience, who can be heard singing along to the crooning chorus.