Rising country artist Lily Rose has announced that she will be releasing her new EP, Runnin’ Out of Time, on May 10th via Big Loud/Back Blocks.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is write and perform songs just like these,” shares Rose. “In my opinion, these six songs are the most honest and accurate to who I am as an artist, and it doesn’t happen without a creative village that believes I have something special to say to the world. It’s been a minute since I’ve released music, so it’s SO good to finally say that my songs ‘True North’ and ‘Parking Lot’ are out now, and my new EP ‘Runnin’ Outta Time’ is available on May 10. I can’t wait for y’all to hear what I’ve been working on.

The newly announced EP promises to reveal Rose at her most personal and honest, bundling her beliefs and contradictions into six new songs that explain who she is, where she came from and where she’s heading. As a co-writer on each track, the EP packed with Saturday-night energy and Sunday-morning reflection will serve as the perfect soundtrack for the intense push and pull in Rose’s life, and a potent reminder of how important it is to take a breath and focus on the things that matter most.

To go alongside the announcement, Rose has released “True North” and it’s accompanying music video that finds a calming melody floating alongside the distinctiveness of Rose’s signature vocal. Co-written by Rose, Trannie Anderson, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia, it cleverly takes the negative connotation of age-old saying “when it all goes south” and flips it into the place full of nostalgic embrace – home. A vivid, map dot lyric travels the picturesque backdrop of her home state of Georgia, leaning refreshingly into a nostalgic vulnerability that places the listener in the shotgun seat of a southern escape, driven by the idea of slowing down life and revisiting your roots to reconnect your center.

Accompanying “True North” is “Parking Lot,” a song laced in an addictive melodic drive that sees Rose adding her uniquely geared vocal to a fresh party anthem that instantly evokes a memory of your favorite coming of age moments. Proven to be a fan favorite in her live sets, the lyrics transport listeners to the carefree moments of their youth, when everything surrounded that small town gravel hub. Namechecking Keith Urban in her own 2009 memory, Rose showcases the very foundations of her love for Country music. Placing a reminiscing smile on your face, you relive your own “parking lot” stories of the life lived outside the painted lines that your parents never knew about, but that you can’t ever forget.


lily rose runnin out of time


  1. “The Goal”
  2. “Back Pew”
  3. “Parking Lot”
  4. “True North”
  5. “Two Flowers”
  6. “Runnin’ Outta Time”