If last year’s single “You Don’t Know Nothing” set the foundation for a brave new era in the resurgent career of Matt Terry with a fresh new sound, 2024 is set to take that a step further. “You Don’t Know Nothing” achieved Terry’s first chart impact since the release of his debut album, Trouble, back in 2017 and is already building momentum in 2024 with his new single “Ghost of Me.”

“Ghost of Me” is a song that looks to find the perfect balance between Terry’s three core talents: the power and drama of his heartfelt vocal delivery, his flair for translating sorrowful emotional pain into compelling songs; and the way he infuses R&B and hip-hop production touches to add edge and attitude to his songwriting.

”Ghost of Me” was co-written by Terry with producer James Lewis (Rudimental, Dan Caplin).

Explaining the meaning behind the new single, Terry says, “‘Ghost of Me’ tells the story of how I fell in love with somebody that gave up on me at my lowest when I needed them most. But years later, after working on myself and moving on, they came running back expecting me to be in the exact same place they had left me in. However with time and growth I am a very different human today and I’m not willing to take any steps back. So I feel like they’re holding on to a version of me that no longer exists, ‘The Ghost of Me’. Most of us will experience this at some point in our lives and I’m happy to say I got through it.”

2024 is set to be a banner year for Terry, with plans to release more new music shortly.