Spanish movies have come a long way, but they still have successfully shown their beautiful culture, interesting plots, and powerful performances. With the success of Money Heist, Elite, and other Spanish TV shows, Netflix had invested a great deal in Spanish movies. Well, they’re not wrong for doing so because their Spanish catalog is so rich. 

So, if you’re looking for Spanish movies you can watch, we’ve got some exciting lineups for you. If you have Spanish TV at home, you might not see these films because they’re Netflix Originals. But who knows? It might be available on other streaming services soon. Let’s start!

  1. Nowhere

If you love yourself a good survival thriller, then you might want to give Nowhere a try. This movie is basically about Mia, a young pregnant woman who’s trying to escape the war and the dictatorship that is planning to get rid of pregnant women, elderly, and children in her country Spain. She decided to hide in maritime cargo, only to find herself stuck inside a shipping container in the middle of the sea without any basic resources. 

If you ever decide to watch this movie, make sure to have a reliable internet connection, whether it’s cable, fiber, or satellite internet because you don’t want to be interrupted while watching this. 

  1. Below Zero

This Spanish thriller is the gift that keeps on giving. When you watch this, you will get hooked right from the start. The best thing about it is that the intensity doesn’t subside throughout the film. The story is about a cop named Martin who’s transporting a well-secured bus filled with prisoners. Unfortunately, the road they need to take is too loney, too isolated. And with the ice cold weather outside and a killer on the loose who’s targeting their vehicle.

  1. Code Name: Emperor

Starring the renowned Luis Tosar, Code Name Emperor is a spy movie about a double agent who’s a part of an intelligence unit and another unit involved in illegal activities. Juan, played by Luis, lives two different lives. The movie will revolve around Juan who’s being tasked to bring down a seemingly clean and untouchable politician. However, this task challenges his moral compass. 

This great of a movie is something that should be available on other platforms like Hulu, DISH Latino, and others. The suspense, the thrill, and everything else just worked beautifully altogether.

  1. The Paramedic

If psychological thriller is right up your alley, The Paramedic is a big must watch. It’s about a paramedic named Ángel who’s been living with his girlfriend named Vanesa (Vane). Ángel and Vane have been trying to have a baby, but Ángel discovers that he has a low sperm count that he didn’t inform Vane about. Ángel isn’t the best paramedic. He doesn’t care about the patients and even steals from them. One day, his ambulance got into an accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. 

After the unfortunate accident that left him disabled, he got more paranoid that Vane is cheating on her, and so the obsession begins. He installed spyware in Vane’s phone, which Vane discovered shortly after and left him. Vane has moved on and has already planned a life with someone else, but Ángel can’t simply sit and watch.

  1. The Warning

Another excellent Spanish thriller, The Warning is about a 10-year old kid named Nico who’s being bullied into stealing an X-rated magazine from a 24-hour convenience store. However, the shop owner caught him and told him to buy a video game magazine instead. Shortly after, Nico discovers a hidden note in the magazine saying he shouldn’t go to the store on his birthday or he will be killed.

As a natural response, he got scared but no one believed him. And suddenly, an unknown man has come to prevent the so-called fate that will leave the kid to his death – with an interesting story behind his theory. 

The Bottom Line

Netflix has been investing a lot in quality Spanish content, both movies and TV series, and we’re all here for it. So if you have an active Netflix subscription, make the most out of it by watching these films on top of other award-winning Netflix shows out there. Happy streaming!