Two of rock’s most exciting bands, 2 Shadows and The Veer Union, have combined forces for the awesome new track “Marionette.”

In the world of rock and metalcore, collaborations often lead to some of the most memorable and genre-bending songs. When bands with unique sounds and styles come together, the result is usually a song that shakes up the scene. The new single “Marionette” is precisely such an effort—brought to you by the inimitable forces of 2 Shadows and The Veer Union.

The Musicians Behind the Magic

Before diving into the sonic depths of the song, let’s meet the artists. The Veer Union has made a significant impact in the music world, boasting a #1 hit on Sirius XM Octane, over 250 million career audio streams, and an eye-popping 100 million Youtube views. Their social media footprint is nothing to scoff at, either, with 350,000+ followers.

Joining them is 2 Shadows, a band that’s gained substantial traction on social media, particularly TikTok, where they have amassed a following of over 390k. Their content has been viewed more than 100 million times across all platforms, positioning them as a band on the rise.

The Review: “Marionette”

As for the song itself, “Marionette” is a compelling mixture of haunting melodies and metalcore energy. It’s evident from the opening notes that this is more than a mere blending of two bands. It’s a symbiotic creation that highlights the strengths of both.

Glen Bridden of 2 Shadows captures the essence of the song, stating, “Marionette was a really enjoyable song to write; on the surface, it has a great beat and puppet metaphors. Conceptually it’s a rant about how people so often feel this obligation to do all these things, all the while without really knowing why.” The song grapples with the feeling of being manipulated, urging listeners to stand up for their integrity.

Crispin Earl of The Veer Union adds, “I personally think ‘Marionette’ is a song that has the potential to really put 2 Shadows on the map, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for this band in the future.”

The Visuals: Music Video

The music video adds an extra layer of complexity and nuance to the song. Glen Bridden explains, “In the music video for ‘Marionette,’ we have these themes of suspension and weightlessness drawn from the lyrics and vibe of the song that are translated into the visuals.” The video embodies the haunting atmosphere of the track, and Ryan Ramsdell of The Veer Union notes that director Julien Bouffard made the shoot in Vancouver memorable.

Final Thoughts

“Marionette” is a song that showcases the remarkable capabilities of 2 Shadows and The Veer Union when they join forces. The song is an earnest call for individuality and a gripping musical experience that should not be missed.

Both bands have been successful in their own right, but this collaboration promises to elevate them further in the rock and metalcore landscape. If you haven’t already, check out “Marionette” and prepare to be captivated by its powerful message and exceptional musical craftsmanship.